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Wonton ,one of the Chinese traditional foods ,is a kind of special dumpling originating from northern China.In fact,different regions has their own versions according to the wrapper, filling, shape, cooking methods, soup, ingredients and seasonings that you add. if you can master one, grasping the others can be a easy thing.

We are making chinese wonton 

Chinese people commonly make wonton wrappers by themselves,at first they mix flour with water to make dough(people in Canton Province like to add eggs in the flour),then use a rolling pole to roll it out into a large flat bread,finally cut it into squares or right triangles.Obviously it is not that easy for beginners to master it, but you can also find them in the grocery specializing in Chinese supplies.

After the preparation of wrappers, the next step is to make your favorite filling.Filling is the most important part in cooking the wonton, it is typically made of minced pork, Chinese cabbage,coarsely diced or whole shrimps. For the seasonings,you can choose ginger, scallion, soybean sauce, salt, MSG etc,which depend on your needs. In fact, it’s a bit difficult to season the filling well at the first time,so it is recommended to taste a small amount while seasoning.Of course, you can buy it instead, but I can't guarantee their flavor fits your style.In fact,your own made filling usually tastes more delicious and tasteful than others.Here are some filling you can refer to.

Finally let’s make the wonton.First spread the wrapper square or triangle across your left palm,then place a small clump filling in the center and seal the wonton into desired shapes by compressing the edges with your forefinger and thumb,toss pinch of flour to prevent it from sticking. At last arrange them on a clean and flat place for later use.For further information, place refer to: how to make wonton .

Now that the wonton is done, you can choose your favorite cooking method below.

Interesting History of wonton: in Han dynasty, the foreign race called Hun always invaded china, their chiefs are Won and Ton, the local chinese people hated them so much that they invented wonton and boiled it to symbolize the hope that Hun could be drive away from their country early.

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